Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm so glad that the holidays are over.

I hate the holidays. I hate them with all I am. If the Beatles and Christmas were one entity, I would cause an apocalypse of some sort. But, they're not, so you're all still alive.

This was the first Christmas that I haven't been at my parents house for. This may also be the Christmas that I despise the least. No big fancy production, no eight hours putting lights on a stupid tree, followed by another two hours of re-arranging ornaments, because they're not symmetric on the front and back(which is in a corner) of the tree. No stupid family dinners that make a ten year old want to drown his Christmas in another bottle of something at least 10 years old.

This year we went to Amanda's mom's house. Three hours away from anyone overly bothersome. And we were able to relax. We played Mario Kart and Super Mario, drank eggnog, ate Chinese food, and lots of candy, and watched stupid MTV show marathons. Not too bad. Only con, Amanda's mom got me a Journey t-shirt. At least she'll wear it.

So now, everyone can get back on with their lives, and I can start taking the Christmas decorations at work down, and not need to mix my booze with eggnog to make it seasonally acceptable.

Whiskey and ice, daddy is home.

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